10 Technology Predictions for the Near Future

By Jenine Wing.

One has to be pretty clued up to predict what the future holds for technology as it’s moving faster than light. If you look at the trajectory of tech developments and how they sped up in recent years, it’s exhilarating. You can only imagine where it’ll be and what it’ll offer humanity five years from now.

Fifteen years ago, nobody anticipated that online blackjack at FanDuel Casino would be available to every person with a phone. And look at us now after the Android Market hit the scene in 2007! Future tech predictions are sure to blow us away even more.

Jenine, the author here, shares her insights about what we can expect from near-future technology.

Technology Predictions for the Future

Top 10 predictions for 2022 and beyond

5G Will Go Global

Although this technology is already tangible in some countries, it’ll forever change the way we handle online activities globally. The most significant changes will be in the delivery time of information and responses in the Cloud.

The global economy will experience unprecedented growth, and it’ll create new business opportunities like never before. As the CTO of Ensono, Gordon McKenna, recently said: “5G will enrich our lives to such an extent that an entirely new generation of infrastructure is required.”

Devices Will Need Increasing Security to Protect it from 5G

5G isn’t as hard to understand as it may seem. Every device that can connect to the internet will gain access to the 5G Cloud instantly. Almost everything and everybody will be connected. You can control any computerized equipment remotely, opening new doors for hackers to increase risks.

VR & AR Will Become Part of Everyday Life

AR can change remote teaching, visiting your family overseas, and boardroom meetings as we know it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) creates an entirely different environment based on the developer’s purpose. You’ve most probably seen it used for video games already. Augmented Reality (AR) uses your immediate surroundings and adds virtual images. You can sit in your living room and have coffee with your dad, who lives 2000 miles away, and it’ll seem as if he’s next to you.

Quantum Technology Solutions Will Skyrocket

Quantum computing’s full usability to the everyday consumer is still far from perfect. It’s undeniable that it’ll always develop and contribute to solving everyday problems. Countless industries can apply them in many different fields, including gaming, healthcare solutions, financial markets, and cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become Affordable for All

AI is already firmly integrated into your daily life, believe it or not. App developers incorporate it into developments, and as you use it, it gathers information about your preferences and how you use a site. AI is why Facebook knows that you enjoy slots, and you find regular advertisements for it on your news-feed.

Remote Teams Will Replace Office Personnel

It’s become more cost-effective for large corporations to have their people in the field. With modern technology such as video calling and time-tracking software, it’s easier to employ staff in specific regions than sending someone from HQ.

Government Agencies Won’t Be Able to Afford Proper Cybersecurity

The high demand for top-class cybersecurity is running at an all-time high. The private sector is paying to get the best, and government agencies most probably won’t offer them enough to retain their expertise.

The Basement Techies Will Join the Boardroom Discussions

The days when the company technicians hide away in a dark corner of the building are over. It’s more likely to see the men and women responsible for keeping it all together around the boardroom table. Technology is driving all industries, and it needs a seat at the table to stay at the forefront of an organization’s growth.

Innovation Will Accelerate Due to Advanced Encryption

Encryption is a slow process, and the race is on to perfect homomorphic encryption software. It’s cryptography that enables data to remain coded while being analyzed. The time and overhead on the current generation are massive, and as new tech advances, innovation will accelerate.

Big Names Will Populate Smaller Cities

As the big corporations embrace more remote teams and virtual assistants, it’ll make sense to move their operations to smaller and more affordable cities.


You have to agree that future technology predictions for 2022 are fascinating. It’s also enough to keep you nervously edged on your seat. It might seem that every time you blink too long, you’ve lost track of it all. You’re not alone, and the whole world is waiting in anticipation daily for the next huge breakthrough.

Fortunately, all of these advances also make life easier. As tech advances, it becomes easier for the general public to utilize its applications. Instead of worrying about being left behind, embrace technology, and enjoy all the excellent benefits to everyday life.




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