The Best Video Games of 2021

By Vaish.

Gaming has increased dramatically in the year 2021. The percentage ratio of gamers has increased 14.4% from the previous year of 2020. The major reason is that the gamers have got ample time during the COVID 19 lockdown to play various games. However, it is a hard choice to select from the latest games since they are thousands in numbers. Hence, we have compiled a list of a few best games of 2021.

Halo Infinite 6

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite 6 is the latest addition in the Halo series. It is single-player shooting gaming involving cosmic characters and enemies. The plot is unique, and the storyline starts with our lead character, “Master Chief,” getting defeated at the hands of “Banished.” After the defeat, they kick him out of UNSC Infinity into space.

The game begins when a UNSC pilot, Echo 216, finds the Master Chief. The battle of redemption and taking back UNSC begins henceforth. The player will have to make their way through the space to retrieve the control of the UNSC. Echo 216 will be of crucial help at times. The game features top-notch graphics giving a realistic touch.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

This game is the latest addition to the action-packed series of Resident Evil. The game features the same lead character “Ethan Winters” in a single-player pattern. The storyline starts with the murder of Ethan’s wife and the abduction of both Ethan and her daughter. He will now have to scale a village infested with mutant werewolf enemies to rescue his daughter.

Resident Evil Village gameplay encompasses a vast village with ancient buildings. Ethan will have to fight the enemies strategically to rescue his daughter. The werewolves are not easy to defeat, and the challenges become tenser as he closes in for victory. The same can be said for tension in online casino games.

Meanwhile, online casino games have also gained immense popularity during this year. The lockdown has forced the closure of casinos worldwide. Therefore, people now pay more attention to online casino games. If you are wondering about the best online platform for casino games, feel free to visit

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

Not everyone is a fan of action-packed shooting and fighting games. Some find pleasure in drifting their way through racing tracks.  “Forza Horizon 5” is one the best racing games of 2021, featuring both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

The game has the latest, upcoming, and classic versions of sports cars. Moreover, the gameplay offers a wide range of engine modifications regardless of the car type. In addition, the major aspect of the game is the inclusion of weather effects. The real-time weather effects influence the gameplay and make it more challenging for the players than it was for traditional racing games.

The race tracks are full of obstacles, and the users can also go through open maps without any limits. Multiplayer competition takes the game on a whole new level. This game is a challenging one rather than a conventional racing game.

Final Word

It will be hard to deny the fact that 2021 is a year of gaming and gamers. Furthermore, the developers have made it difficult for the users to decide on the best games to play. However, we have shortlisted the above games for you per their best features.

Photo Credits:
Halo Infinite – 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios
Resident Evil Village – Capcom
Forza Horizon 5 – Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios


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