Types of Blackjack Games Played at Online Casinos

Playing BlackjackBy Titus Kamunya.

The number of online casino players is on the rise. This is probably due to numerous games at online casinos that offer the chance to make real money. Among these games is blackjack, one of the most popular online casino games.

Blackjack offers various variants that provide gamblers with an exciting and thrilling twist of the traditional version of the game, allowing you to make more money while enjoying yourself. Let’s discuss some of the different variants of blackjack that online casinos have to offer.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack, also referred to as classic blackjack, is the most widely played game. This game is preferred mainly by gamblers for good reasons. American blackjack is straightforward, has a low house edge, and is more social compared to poker.

Although the house edge can be as low as 0.5%, which is appealing, it does not mean that you will be taking advantage of it in its entirety. The good news is that it isn’t tricky to learn the optimum moves, otherwise known as blackjack basic strategy.  All it takes is a little practice. It even gets better if you can take advantage of the available offers like the DraftKings sign up bonus, as you won’t spend a lot of money when learning the ropes of this game. 

European Blackjack

The main difference in this version of online blackjack is that dealers do not check for blackjack when they are showing an Ace or 10.  The problem with this is that if you double or split your hand you will lose your total bet if the dealer has blackjack.   There are often some rule changes in European blackjack such as not being able to split 4s, 5s or 10-valued cards and restrictions for when you can double. 

To play optimally, the player will often have to change the basic strategy for this game slightly versus American blackjack.  Overall, the house edge is often similar or slightly higher than American blackjack.

Blackjack Switch

This is the latest and creative twist variant on blackjack. The action point of this game is that the player gets to play two hands rather than one. If you receive your two deals, you can switch cards from one hand to the next to improve both hands if possible.

Obviously, it is advantageous for the player to be able to switch cards from one hand to the next. Therefore, most of the other rules are skewed toward the dealer. If a dealer gets a 22, all player hands, including 21, are pushed.  Also, player blackjacks only pay even money.

Spanish 21

This is a game that has found a home in most online casinos. Spanish 21 is said to be the most popular alternative to classic blackjack.

The key element that makes Spanish 21 stand out is that there are no 10s in the deck. As a punter, you might think that this is aimed at boosting the house edge, but the truth is that the rules are tilted in the player’s favor. Spanish 21 is also one of the most player-friendly games you will find in an online casino. Bear in mind that the game’s rules vary from one casino to the next, but most follow a standard procedure.

Spanish 21

Face Up 21

In this version of blackjack, players have a great deal of power as some of the house advantages are removed. When this game is played, both cards of the dealer are dispensed and shown face up. This offers players terrific insight into how they should be playing during the hand.

Unfortunately, when it comes to these games, it is not all good news. For instance, the dealer hits on soft 17 and the dealer wins all ties except blackjack.  Also, blackjacks pay even money.  Just like in European blackjack, players can also only double down on 9, 10, and 11.

The house edge of this version can vary (between .5% to over 1%) depending on the established rules of the casino.   The basic strategy for this game is also more complicated.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

For gamblers who think an outstanding betting strategy is more important than an excellent playing strategy, this blackjack variant presents a perfect chance to win big.  However, be aware that most, if not all, blackjack side bets have a large house edge.

Perfect Pairs blackjack has similar rules as classic blackjack. The difference comes in because this version has a twist. A player has the chance to make an extra side bet at the beginning of each hand. This bet is a wager on if the first two cards you are dealt will be the same number or not.

If you want to spice things up while playing online casino games, blackjack is one of your best bets. Not only does it offer the chance to make real money, but it also comes in different variations. Try your hand at a few and see if you can experience your luck.1)For more information on blackjack and the many variants and side bets this game offers be sure to check out the entries in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack.



1For more information on blackjack and the many variants and side bets this game offers be sure to check out the entries in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack.

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