Are there Differences between Real and Online Blackjack?

Online Versus Live BlackjackBy Alex Hotch

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games online. It has its basic rules and provides new players the best introduction into the world of gambling. Today, players can play the game online from the comfort of their homes or in the traditional casinos. This post looks at the differences between blackjack online and live blackjack. 

How Does Online Blackjack Work?

There are many ways you can play online blackjack. You can choose to download a casino app to access the game or visit a casino website with blackjack titles in its game lobby online. With online blackjack, you do not need to have anyone around you. Most casino websites use software that randomly draws the order of the deck. 

Many industry authorities monitor and oversee the reputation and legitimacy of the software. Since it is the software that does the job, players do not have to deal with the problem of someone else setting the cards against them. The advantage of this is that the house edge for online blackjack is usually reduced. 

It is often much lower than its live counterpart, which means your chances of winning at online blackjack increases. You can also explore many variations of the game at online casinos than the real game arena. The only downside to playing blackjack online is that you would not experience the ambiance of the traditional casino. 

If you also choose a disreputable casino site, you may be scammed. You can easily avoid this by researching a casino before you sign up with them.  Some things to look for are:

    • Is the casino licensed and regulated by a recognized licensing authority?
    • Is the casino audited regularly by an approved third party?
    • Is the casino operating legally in an online gambling jurisdiction?
    • Does the casino use certified security technology to protect data?
    • Does the casino encrypt all financial transactions?
    • Does the casino provide fair and transparent terms of use?
    • Is there a privacy policy explaining how personal information is used?
    • Is customer support available and responsive?
    • Is there any history of non-payment or treating customers unreasonably?

How Does Real Blackjack Work?

Playing real blackjack offers a different experience from online blackjack. With live blackjack, you can find yourself playing alongside other players. Your sitting location at the table game should be part of your game strategy. You have to consider the cards that are drawn for other gamers during your decision-making process

Having other players around can provide a unique advantage. Many live blackjack players like to take their positions at the right-hand side of the game table to enable them to view the draw more clearly. When more cards are removed from the pack, you are likely to make smarter decisions in your game. You also get the feeling that the game is fair as you can see the cards being physically drawn. 

One of the major differences between playing the game online and playing it live is the absence of distractions. When you play a real blackjack game in a live environment, you will have many people playing with you. 

You also have to deal with the noise from the casino and with the free drink policies that come with many casinos; you are likely to be less sober at the game. With all these, your chances of playing poorly and losing increase.

Final Thoughts

The choice of whether to play real blackjack or online blackjack is up to you. However, you should weigh the pros and cons of both before you decide on the right one for you. The good news is that if you still want to have a feel of real blackjack, you can also play a live dealer blackjack game online. This uses video streaming technology to enable you to play with a real dealer online. 


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