Blackjack for Beginners: A Short Guide

Face Down Blackjack ??? By Takuma Tanaka

When it comes to casino games, blackjack is one of the most famous card games out there. This game started back in the 1700s, in France, based on what a lot of experts believe. It was originally known as ‘vingt-et-un’ which simply translates to ’21’ in the French language.

The game came to the US as French colonists started coming here. It got its momentum in the country during the 1800s due to the popularity of legal casinos in New Orleans. Blackjack got even more popular during the 20th century thanks to establishments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. However, even now it wasn’t known as ‘blackjack’ and there were no standard regulations. Blackjack got its standard regulations only when gambling was fully legalized.

So, now that you know a little blackjack history, let’s go over a basic blackjack tutorial for beginners interested in playing it.

The Rules of Blackjack1)Complete rules for the game of blackjack can be found in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.

While there may be some more detailed rules depending on where you play, these are supposed to be easy blackjack rules that can form a beginner’s guide to the game. To play blackjack, you need at least one standard deck. The suit of the cards is not relevant in blackjack and it’s a game that depends on the values. You should note that face cards are worth 10 points and aces can be either counted as 1 or 11, based on what you need.

If you’re playing the game in an online casino, you will need to buy some chips. For online betting sites, you can just use your credit or debit card. It’s best to check out some reviews on PikachuCasinos about places where you can deposit money with your credit card. This will help you start your blackjack journey without having to worry about how to make deposits.

The beginning of blackjack happens when at least one player makes a bet. The dealer gives two cards to each player and keeps two for themselves. The idea is to get as close to the number 21 as possible with the cards you have. The one who is closest to 21, or allows the dealer to bust, wins the round and takes the payoff.

To determine this, the dealer asks each player what they would like to do. The players can take one round to decide their move. These possible moves are:

Stand – When a person decides that they want to keep their current hand and not take a new card.

Hit – When a person decides that they want to take an additional card.

Double Down – When a person decides to place an additional bet on the hand and receive only one more card.

Split – When a person has two cards that are evenly ranked. If they decide to split, they can play two hands, each with one of the original two cards, and place an additional bet.

Surrender – When a person decides to forfeit the game, losing half of their bet.

Understanding the ‘House Edge’

When it comes to a casino blackjack table, the ‘house’ or the ‘dealer’ will always have an edge.2)This is not entirely true.  Ask any card counter. 🙂 Check the rule variations section of the Encyclopedia of Blackjack to see how the rules of the game affect the house edge. There are many reasons for this but the most important one is the ‘bust rule’. If one of the people competing against the house decides to take another card and their total gets over 21, then they ‘bust’. This means they leave the current round automatically. What this leads to is lesser competitors for the house as the dealer goes last in every turn. So even if the dealer loses, they lose only to the remaining people which means that they are always successful against whoever got busted in the round.

While this may seem like the dealer has all the advantages in blackjack, you can also learn some tricks about how to be successful. There are many factors on blackjack tables that can lead to gambling success so be sure to go through them. All of this is what makes blackjack games so much fun for people around the world.

Some Basic Etiquette in Blackjack

While you may find all the instructions to play blackjack, there are some unwritten steps that gamblers should follow to maintain the etiquette of the game, like:

  • using one hand to pick up cards.
  • making sure that your bets are visible to the dealer.
  • not putting your cards under the table or out of sight.
  • using hand signals if it is possible.
  • not touching your chips when they are on the table.
  • being respectful to others on the table.


Tips for Winning at Blackjack

When it comes to blackjack tips for beginners, a lot of people want to know how they can win real payouts. The best strategy that players can use is to count the cards. This essentially means keeping an eye on which cards come out of the decks in the first hands and then determining which ones are left. This way, you will always know the ones that have been dealt and better decide the right move to play against the dealer. While this is not always liked by casinos, it’s a good way to play the game and thwart the higher house edge.

It’s also recommended that you choose a blackjack casino after going through its regulations carefully. Be sure that you understand all of them and there are no hidden terms and conditions. Another thing you can do is see the body language of the dealer. You can try and determine the value of their hand and figure out whether you should stand or hit with your own hand.


So, now that you have gone through this short blackjack for beginners guide, you should be able to begin your own games. Whether you decide to play in a physical casino or join online blackjack games, you will have a lot of fun with this game. You can make your own mini blackjack basic strategy chart based on this introduction and begin dominating the tables. When you keep practicing, there will soon come a time when you will be able to give others stiff competition even with a small card hand.



1Complete rules for the game of blackjack can be found in the Encyclopedia of Blackjack on this site.
2This is not entirely true.  Ask any card counter. 🙂 Check the rule variations section of the Encyclopedia of Blackjack to see how the rules of the game affect the house edge.

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  1. If you are confused by the above photo showing a player peeking at his cards you won’t be the only one. Yes, in blackjack, cards could be dealt to players face down but usually only in one and two deck games. The photo appears to be from a “poker” game — not blackjack. Notice the cards in the back of the photo? That sure looks like a poker flop 🙂

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