The Best Video Games That Offer Casino Gambling

Gambling in Video Games - Grand Theft Auto

By Aina Kebler

Gambling and video games have been synonymous with one another for a long time now, none made more popular than in Grand Theft Auto. A fully functioning casino proved such a huge hit with players that their new online game has added a casino break-in. They weren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last.

If you’re on the hunt for new Canadian online casinos, we can help with that too, right here. But if you’re looking for a wee break from your online escapades, without going offline, here are some awesome video games that will still allow you that casino experience.


If you’ve always wanted to build and run your own casino, now you’ve got it. Just like the original Sim City way back in the early 90’s, you get to construct the whole building of the casino of your dreams to entice your people, make some money and live the good life. Furnish it in your chosen style, decide how many blackjack tables you want (a lot), right down to the tiles in the toilets.

Then you can really be the Don and start playing around with the odds. But be careful, too much in your favor and you’ll find the punters investing their coin elsewhere. SimCasino lets you be as meticulous or easy going as you like, which makes it great for everyone.

Oh, and like any good casino owner, you’ll need a good security system in place; not everyone is out to play by the rules. Cheats and thieves are all for easy money, so how are you going to deter them in the future? A great game that combines the construction aspects of the original with the human experience of the latter. Check it out here.

Red Dead Redemption 2

We must not be the only ones who has imagined a little old school, saloon brawling whilst playing cards. And if you are like us then Red Dead Redemption has some great card playing distractions for those that are inclined.

Not only can you play a sneaky round of Hold’em, but in the spirit of the game you can decide how you want to play, with honor or like a scoundrel. But if you’re going to cheat, just remember there are always repercussions.

From the makers of GTA, this game offers the same flexibility of the free roam with a wild west backdrop, and the gameplay is first class. Just remember there’s a lot more to the game than cards.

Playing Blackjack in Red Dead RedemptionPlaying Blackjack in Red Dead Redemption 2

Super Mario 64

One of the greatest franchises of all time, taking a break from all that driving for a spot of blackjack sounds like a great idea. Mini-games built into common stories have been around since Final Fantasy VII and Mario has jumped on the bandwagon with Luigi’s Casino.

Take your pick from a five-card stud knock off, picture poker, or a little Luigi-jack to get your funds up. Mushroom Roulette and even some slots can be found. It’s all for fun really but it’s a great distraction from the overall game and just may hone those card shark skills without you even knowing it.

Fall Out New Vegas

This epic RPG1)RPG stands for Role Playing Game. takes place in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, so you’ve just got to add some gambling in there, right? As a courier running missions for various people, you need money to survive and casinos are the place to get it. From blackjack to slots and roulette, you gamble your money to be able to invest in everything from weapons and armor to mere health.

Try sitting down on the slots in the casino lobby. The waiters will even bring you food and drinks that will help replenish your health. There are loads of different casinos you can enter, just keep an eye on your “luck” meter or you’ll find yourself wishing the house didn’t always win.



1RPG stands for Role Playing Game.

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