Blackjack History Database Project

In 2016, Michael Dalton and the Blackjack Review Network began a Blackjack History Database Project. There were two aspects to the project:

  • Collect exact (or approximate) dates for any and all historical events that are blackjack related.
  • Create a database user interface tool so users can search and view these events.

You can check out the current development at:

Blackjack History Database ToolCurrent categories (event types) in the database are:

As of February 2018, I have managed to record over 400 events in the database.  My goal is to double this number by the end of the year… but I need your help.  If you know of a blackjack historical event that is not already listed, I want to hear from you. 

Please submit your event using our contact form,  leave a comment below or email me at  If possible, please provide as much detail and/or proof of the event.

If you want to speak to me in person,  just email me your phone number or request that I send you my phone number.

Thank you,
Michael Dalton
Editor / Publisher
Blackjack Review Network

Legal Blackjack Games in the USA – Circa 1998Legal Blackjack Games in the USA – Circa 1998
Originally published in the last issue of Blackjack Review magazine Vol 7 Issue 1

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