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Considerable progress has been made updating the Blackjack Review site at and  The entire site is going through an overhaul which means everything is being updated.  I am working 12-15 hours every day on this project.  My completion estimate is the end of August 2016, for phase 1. 

The Encyclopedia of Blackjack (Twenty-One) is also finally being updated.  Lots of new blackjack terms, strategies, authors, books, software, videos and web sites to consider.

If you would like to be a contributor to this site please email me at editor @ bjrnet [DOT] com.  I am only interested in responsible people who are serious about the game and understands what “expected value” is. 

If accepted, you will be given “contributor” status and a password to log into the site.

Michael Dalton
Blackjack Review

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  1. Just a reminder to everyone: Please “refresh” any page when currently visiting this site. You can also do a refresh by pressing F5. This is to prevent getting any cached or stale data from our site. With all of the changes being made, there are many pages that have new content or have changed.

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