Bill Zender’s Optimal Baccarat Seminar 2016

I have only six seats remaining for my August 9th Optimal Baccarat Seminar in Las Vegas Nevada, at the Tuscany Hotel/Resort.  If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible so you don’t get shut out.  This 7 hour session covers topics such as:

  • Mathematics for establishing house advantage in baccarat
  • Value of offering side bets in baccarat.
  • How to establish table betting limits both per spot minimums and table limits.
  • The effect of using match play coupons and promotional chips.
  • Advantage play in baccarat: card counting side bets
  • Advantage play in baccarat: Attacking the ribbon spread
  • Advantage play in baccarat: Manipulating card positioning (sorts)
  • Cheating: Marking cards in baccarat
  • Cheating: Switch cards in baccarat
  • Attacking card sequence: Recording sequence during the cut and card spread
  • Attacking card sequence: Recording sequence by penetrating card security
  • Future attacks on baccarat
  • The best procedures for your baccarat games

For more information and registration forms, please email me at [email protected].
The cost of attending this one-day seminar is $500 per person. The seminar includes snacks and drinks, handouts, and a certificate of completion.  The Tuscany Suites is located a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip on Flamingo Road.  If you have any questions email me [email protected] or call me 702-423-5734.

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  1. August 17, 2016

    Dear Friends and Business Associates,

    I just finished presenting my Optimal Baccarat Seminar 2016 in Las Vegas last week. I sold out the one-day session (actually went two over even with last minute fallout), and the feedback I have received from the attendees is very positive. It appears the most appreciated section of the seminar was the information on the coupons and promotion chips. I anticipated the most enjoyed section would have been on baccarat advantage play and cheating, but it was the mathematics behind the cost of match play coupons, and single and multi-play promotional chips that seemed to provide the best feedback. Based on the success of this seminar, I may plan another one-day session for early next year.

    Subsequent to the baccarat seminar, I received an email from a casino executive who had some interesting questions regarding “dead chip/rolling chip” programs similar to those found in Macau. Please be sure to read the question and my answer at the end of this eBlast.

    BTW, if anyone is interested in game protection or table game management training seminars for their casino property, please feel free in contacting me. Now is the time. I have an open September and December. Wide open. Feel free in contacting me. I always have time to discuss your needs, and what materials I have available in my training arsenal that would provide your people with the proper education.

    Singapore Cheater Conviction

    Speaking of baccarat, I learned last week that the verdict was handed down by the Singapore Court regarding what was probably the biggest and longest cheating case in Singapore history. Thirteen people were convicted of cheating at baccarat. The scam they committed was breaking into a locked card control cabinet, stealing a pre-shuffle eight-deck secured playing card carrier, breaking into the secured carrier, recording the sequence of pre-shuffled playing cards, and returning the carrier to the card control cabinet. The card sequence information was used later on the baccarat table. What made the scam interesting was the fact that the card control cabinet was located on the casino floor in one of the high limit salons that was active with gambling at the time. My involvement; I served as the gaming expert for the prosecution on this case. For more information please see the following web link:

    Video review services

    Last month I finished conducting an extensive video review for one of the European governments regard a game of single-zero roulette located at one of their licensed casinos. Lately, I have been receiving more requests for conducting video reviews regarding possible incidents of cheating and theft. In most cases nothing is wrong with the observed play, but it is always comforting to get that second opinion. Of course there is always the chance something could be wrong, and if so, how can the problem be corrected to help prevent the situation from happening again. The details of this service are:

    Video analysis – Do you have a player winning a large amount of money that’s making you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you need a second opinion. All you need to do is overnight a pocket hard drive or thumb drive of the suspect person’s table play, and I will conduct a very timely review (reviews have priority), and issue you a detailed report of my findings. It’s my experience that 90% of all reviews confirm that the person is a standard customer playing by the rules. However, it’s the other 10% that keeps us awake at nights. The cost for a review is $300 per hour with a majority of the reviews taking 2 to 4 hours for viewing and report time. The investment to gain comfort from a “second” opinion is less than that high limit player’s average bet.

    [Note: Some operations are restricted from sending video footage off property. I can still render worthy opinions on table game play based on surveillance game tracking sheets. I’m also in a position where I can assist your organization in creating a tracking sheet for any particular game type.]

    Anyone interested in a video/tracking review, please don’t hesitate in contacting me at [email protected], or 702-423-5734. In most situations, I can have the review completed in a day; if I’m working or traveling, it might take several days, but I do treat review with top priority.

    My other services:

    Table Game Evaluations – Want to make more table game revenue in 2016? A table game evaluation will set your operation in the right direction. In a medium size casino, the increase of one round per hour on all blackjack tables will increase blackjack revenue by at least $100K per year. In most cases, I will identify ways you can increase blackjack’s rounds production by at least five rounds per hour. That doesn’t take into account the increase in time and motion in other table games, or the identifying of gaps in your table game protection. For less than a $10K investment, you can easily expect a return of 10 times the investment (or more).

    Table Game Promotion Analysis – For those of you who have table games promotions involving coupons, promo chips, and discounts or rebates based on lost, you may need someone to analysis the costs. Many situations in table games, the cost of the promotion is greater than the potential revenue the program brings into the casino. It would be wise to hire someone outside the organization to provide an analysis and render a second opinion as to the cost and return of your table game promotions. If you offer table games promotions involving coupons, promo chips, and/or discounts on loss, maybe you should give me a call. Sometimes a short phone call or email will save you thousands in unexpected costs!

    Game Protection Seminars – My most asked for seminar is Table Game Protection. This 6 hour seminar covers areas on card counting, advantage play on all casino games, and game protection (cheating techniques). The information offered is constantly updated to provide the participants with information regarding the most recent scams and attacks. This six hour seminar can be split into two three hour session if management needs to leave personnel on their present schedules. This seminar is targeted toward floor supervisors, table game executives, surveillance operator, and gaming regulators. This seminar will be modified to accommodate your games and regulatory restrictions. Please contact me anytime if you have any questions (702-423-5734) or send me an email ([email protected]).

    Seminars and Workshop

    Southwest Table Game Seminar – Albuquerque – October 18th and 19th

    This is still in the planning stages. I would like to conduct a table gaming seminar which targets casinos in the Southwest, particularly casinos in the New Mexico area (since New Mexico is my new home). The two-day seminar would focus on table game management techniques and strategies that would help table game managers increase their revenue producing potential, and on protecting their games against advantage players, cheater, and theft from the tables. The primary target audience would be table game manager, surveillance professionals, and casino executives associated with small to medium size casinos. I plan on finding a location to hold this seminar in one of the Albuquerque hotels, and I will start advertising the seminar the first of September. Please watch for future eBlasts containing details, exact dates, and time.

    Cutting Edge Table Games Conference – Las Vegas – November 14th, 2016

    Even though this session is a little bit into the future, I want to let everyone know that I will be speaking at the Cutting Edge Table Game Conference in Las Vegas again this year. Usually I split the one-day session with Dr. Eliot Jacobson, but unfortunately Eliot bowed out this year, and I will have to go it alone. My topic has changed. This year I will be presenting a morning session on the Mathematics of Table Games, and an afternoon session about the Cost of Table Game Promotions. Please watch for future eBlasts regarding more information and details. As always, I look forward to working with Randy Green and BNP Media. For more information on the Cutting Edge Table Game Conference;

    On the Move
    You notice I have quite a few openings over the next several months. I’m earnestly looking to fill them in. If you have any questions, let me know [email protected].

    Washington State

    Central California
    G2E – Las Vegas

    Northern California
    Southwest Table Game Seminar- Albuquerque
    Northern California


    I’m always available to answer your questions. If you have any questions on gaming; don’t hesitate in contacting me through email. I answer close to a half dozen email on gaming every day [email protected].

    Here is an example of a gaming question I answered the other day:


    Do you know of any casino in Vegas that offers a non-negotiable/dead chip program in the pit like they do in Macau? Also are there any casinos in Vegas that allow junkets or independent agents that bring players in and extend them credit outside of the controls of the casino, again as they do in Macau.

    My answer:
    The dead chip (rolling chip) program, as seen in Macau and Singapore regarding ONLY baccarat, is a substitute for player tracking systems as we know them. The higher limit players exclusively buy in for NN chips, and keep buying in for more NN chips as the NN chips get “washed” for casino value chips. Once a player has a significant amount of (won) casino value chips, he/she buys in for more NN. This is why you will hear a dead chip program referred to as a “rolling chip” program. The players keep rolling cash buy-ins and casino value chips into NN chips.

    Each time they buy-in for the NN (either cash or casino value chips), the house calculates their theoretical win (T-win) immediately. T-win is 2.5% of dead chip buy-in. For instance, if a player were to buy-in for $10,000 in cash, and roll over an additional $20,000 in casino value chips, the T-win for this player is $30,000 X 2.5% = $750. It doesn’t matter how long he plays or his average bet or what he does with the NN chips, at the moment of purchase, the casino can determine his T-win. His net win/lose is calculated through total cash buy-ins minus total cash out. Using this method is much easier than utilizing our system of player tracking. However, before this system can be used effectively (this is important), your existing player tracking system has to be able to track NN buy-ins; if not the program will be a disaster. Also, a customer CANNOT bounce back and forth between the two player tracking systems. They either need to be in the dead/rolling chip program or the standard player tracking program. The reason why is customers will learn to “game” the system, and get excessive reinvestment credit from cross-play.

    BTW, the reinvestment amount using the dead/rolling chip program has to be capped at 1.25% of the NN buy-in. This percentage is about half of the 2.5% T-win percentage. Some casinos don’t understand how this works and will give the customer and/or junket rep as much as 2.0%!!! I would set the reinvestment to the junketer at no more than 1.0% with the remaining 0.25% used for reinvestment cost specific to that customer. Management may wish to negotiate a high percentage to the junketer, but need to have the correct information when doing so. I know of several casino operations that have relied on what the junketer told them what would be fair, and have felt the financial pain.

    One more point, the T-win percentage for baccarat is established by calculating a H/A% for the banker and player wager after removing the tie occurrence (1.36% Player; 1.17% Banker). Since NN chips are “play-till-they-lose”, the chips play on the average of 2 times. The T-win percentage is (1.36% X 50%) + (1.17% X 50%) = 1.265% X 2 times = 2.53%. If through observation, you notice that baccarat customers in this program favor wagering Player or Banker more, or they wager on the Tie or side bets a high percentage of the time, this number might need to be slightly modified (2.5% is almost universally recognized as the best %).

    Outside credit is usually considered illegal in the USA. Outside credit entails charging what is considered an extortion interest rate by the junketer. In most cases in the Far East, the junketers make a majority of their income off loan sharking and “ghost betting”; i.e., secret wagers made between the customer and the junketer. Management in a USA casino needs to discourage both practices by having the junketer sign off on their prohibited status when signing the junketer’s agreement. Enforcing these issues is all but impossible, however to prevent legal fallout, management needs to display an honest effort in enforcing these measures.


    Bill Zender
    Bill Zender and Associates

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